A customer was due to make a payment today, why can't I see the payment on the account?

A customer's payments will always be logged, but not necessarily on the day the payment is made.

Customers are generally set up via direct debit payment. Due to how direct debits work, the payment takes a few days to clear and therefore will be logged once the funds have cleared. You will be able to see every payment on the account under the transactions section. The table shows all transactions on the account. If the transaction is not a payment, it will have a zero in the value field.

See the example below:

Sometimes, a customer may contact us and change the payment method to a recurring card payment. In this case, the payment will be logged will next working day.

If a customer misses an instalment, we are notified by the payment provider and will then commence with our collections activity, calling, texting, emailing and writing to the customer to get the payments back on track. You will be able to see this activity in the notes section of the customers account. See the example below