How can I monitor a customer/my customers?

The PayItMonthly system allows you to see information about your individual customers and your collective customers as a whole. If there is an individual customer you want to view, follow these steps:

Log into your account

Under the Administration tab, select all agreements.

This will then bring up a table of your customer agreements.

You can select how many customers you want to appear in the table by selecting the Show Entries tab.

To find the relevant customer details, you can search by any of the search criteria at the bottom of the table. Once you have found your customer, click on the reference to bring up that customer's details.

The customer's details will now appear.

You can now select a tab to view the details you wish to see. Notes will bring up any notes that have been added to the account by us.

The transaction tab will show you information about the payments, including the method, payment amount and when the payment was made and when it cleared. You can see more on customer payments here.

The Action tab is for our use only, so it will not bring you any information or option to use.

The Payment Plan tab will show you the customer's payment plan. If they change it it will show the previous arrangement and the new one above this. All revised payment plans will show here.

To view information about multiple customers, you follow the same 2 steps - log in and go to view all agreements. Now select the view all in the Show Entry tab.

Once you have done this, select the CSV option at the top of the table. This will pull off a report of all of your customers. 

You can see the information this report will give you below.

Please be aware that if you are wanting to view live agreements, you will need to be in live mode. If you want to view training accounts, you will need to be in training mode. You can do this by switching the button at the top between these options.