Client Reports - view payments and invoices

There may be occasions where you want to look at a batch of payments, from particular customers or in a specific date range. The system has the facility for you to be able to view this. You can also view your invoices from PayItMonthly on the system. 

To get a report of payments from customers, simply follow these steps:

Log in to your account.

Under the Administration tab, select Reports, then All Payments.

You can then decide what you are looking to filter on. The example below shows the account filtered by payment dates between the 1st and 31st January. You then need to select show all in the Show Entries tab, which will then produce your full list of payments in this period. You can filter on any of the tabs along the bottom of the table.

You can now produce a report of this, should you want to. Simply click on the CSV tab.

To find your invoices, follow these steps:

Log in and under the Administration tab select Reports, then Invoices.

You can now see a table of your invoices. You can select show all entries and produce a report using the CSV tab. You can also click on the download option next to each invoice which will produce a PDF of that individual invoice.