To help understand your customer's accounts and what is happening with them, they have status codes to indicate this. Please find a list of the status codes below and what they mean.

PPLN - The account is in an active payment plan.

PIF - The account is paid in full.

DEC01 - The account is in decline and is being actively worked by the collections team to get it back into a payment plan.

HOLD - The account is on hold after discussing something with the customer which results in us needing to pause collections activity for a period of time.

CHAS - The account has come out of the HOLD status and the account has not been set up in a payment plan. The chase cycle now resumes.

FCC - The account failed a credit check.

LEG30 - The account is in the legal process.

HCE10 - The account has been transferred for High Court Enforcement.

RECL - The account has been recalled by you (our client has cancelled it).

WRIT - The account/remaining balance has been written off.