There is certain information that you are legally required to have on your company website. You can see the requirements here - Legal Requirements For Your Website.

Included in these requirements are a privacy notice, cookies disclosure and a disclaimer. You should also include a link to the Ts&Cs for the customer. You can see templates of these below. Please remember these are templates and will need amending with your own details. To make this easier for you, we have put in bold capital red where you need to insert your details, and anything in square brackets is information that you may or may not need depending on your company, so you can either keep and remove the brackets or delete those sections. See the example below:

Your template links below:

Privacy Notice Template - Clearly communicate how you collect, use, and protect personal information. Make sure to include specific details about your data processing practices.

Cookies Policy Template - Inform users about the use of cookies on your website and obtain their consent if required by applicable laws. Customize the disclosure based on your cookie policy.

Disclaimer - Include a disclaimer that outlines the limitations of liability and any other relevant disclaimers. Tailor this section to address the specific circumstances of your business.

PIM Terms and Conditions - These are our Terms and Conditions that you will need to provide for the customer. You will also need to provide your own Ts&Cs.

Remember, these templates are a starting point and require customization to accurately reflect your company's practices and policies.