You will see on your customers accounts a Purchase Status. This will indicate where the account is in the process and whether you need to do anything else for the account. The Purchase Status codes are explained below.

DCR - Delivery Confirmation Required. When you have submitted the information you need to check the box confirming that the goods or service have been provided/completed.

CCR - Credit Check Required, normally where an error has occurred with Experian and the check could not be performed automatically.

FCC - The customer has failed the credit check.

G - You are on our Guarantee product and the customer has passed the credit check. Payments on this account are now guaranteed each month.

CO - Collection Only. The account is one that you are taking the risk on and hasn't qualified for Guarantee or Full Finance. 

PENDP - The account is pending us financing the agreement, this is it after checking your supporting documents but we might be waiting for other criteria to be met before making the payment to you.

P - We have financed the account and you have received the money.

PENDPCC - The account has passed a credit check and we have accepted the supporting documents. We will pay you on the next payment run.

PCC - We have financed the account and you have received the money. This is after the credit check has been passed and we have received the required documents.

A - You are on our Advance product and the account has passed the necessary criteria.

REF - The account has been referred to us after a credit check for further checks. 

SDR - Supporting Documents Required. The required documents need to be uploaded through the relevant section on your account.

SUB - The account has been submitted and is awaiting verification by us.