If you find your customers aren't always meeting our credit criteria, we have refer options in place that you can switch on which may increase the volume of customers who are accepted. 

These options are:

Partner Refer - 

Turning on your refer would mean we accept the customers that pass the credit check. Those who don't will not be cancelled but referred to you to decide whether you want to accept them at your own risk. We send you an email letting you know that the customer has failed the credit check and you then have 2 working days to tell us if you want to cancel the account. If you do not tell us within 2 working days, we will assume that you are happy to take the account at your risk and it will remain live. Accounts that are taken at your risk will be paid across to you monthly as the customer makes payments. 

PIM Refer -

If you chose to switch on PIM refer, we will manually review failed credit checks in the next score bracket down. This means that we can push through additional accounts where we believe that the customer is creditworthy. If you choose to have this option, it will increase our credit charge by 2%.