You can now create individual Users for your PayItMonthly account. This means that everyone who uses the account can log in with their own email address and password. You can also control what each new user has the ability to do and see on the account.

To create a new user you will first need to log in to your PayItMonthly account using the email address that you registered with.

Once logged in you can access the Users on your account by going to the Admin menu and then selecting the Users tab.

On this page you can view the Users on your account as well as create a new user. To create a new user you will click the green Create button.

You will then be asked to enter the new users name, email address and finally you will be required to select which Permission Group you would like them to be a part of. You can read more about the different Permission Groups at this link: or by going to the Group Permissions tab of the Admin menu. Once you have entered all the information you can click the green Create button and the User will be set up.

If you have made a mistake and need and need to edit a User you can do this by clicking the Edit button next to the Users email address. You can also delete a User if their account is no longer required by clicked the Delete button next to that User.