Once you have agreed on a sales contract with the company, you are unable to cancel it or get a refund if you have signed on the business premises or you are buying bespoke goods or services. There is no cooling off period for such sales. 

You can only cancel the contract if you are able to cancel the good/services under the Consumer Contracts Regulations (previously Distance Selling Regulations).

If you have not received the goods or service, you can contact the company to discuss this; or contact us and we will raise this with the company on your behalf.

The company has the right to rectify an issue and therefore it is important that you make them aware if there are any. It will make no difference to the contract if you return the goods that you have agreed to purchase and you don't have the right to cancel, the contract remains in place and the balance will be due.

If you cancel the contract with the company under the Consumer Contracts Regulations then they will notify us to cancel the finance agreement, if they don't notify us it is your responsibility to chase them to notify us.

Please note that it is important that you do not just stop payments as due to the legally binding contract, we report payments to Credit Reference Agencies and we may take legal action to recover the balance, which may result in a CCJ (County Court Judgment) being obtained against you.